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Su Jok Therapy 

    Fast, Effective and 'Lasting' Pain Relief 

Arthritis, Joint Problems, Back Pain

Sports Injuries, Migraine, Infertility, Insomnia

Allergies, Anxiety, Phobias,Stress

Respiratory conditions, Digestive disorders,

Cataracts, Varicose Veins,Neuralgia........ 


We can bring back your SMILE!!! When you are in pain either physically or emotionally it robs you of the ability to enjoy life.

Have you

  • Been everywhere and feel you have tried everything?
  • Been told you have to learn to live with your condition?

Are you

  • Tired of the side effects from medication?

If you have answered yes to any of the above points, please stop for a minute and read on because there is a unique therapy that has been scientifically and medically proven by specialists and doctors that really does work, and it works very fast.



Through various stimulations of Su Jok acu points located on the hands and feet, which correspond to organs and tissues within the physical body, pain can be relieved FAST bringing about optimum health benefits. Acute and chronic diseases and disorders are treated simply and effectively with Su Jok Therapy negating the use of  drugs so no unpleasent side effects. Only the hands and feet are utilised as treatment areas in a Su Jok therapy session, therefore it is not necessary to remove clothing.

Everyone is treated as an individual, there is no fixed treatment for any ailment and following a consultation a personal Su Jok treatment plan is drawn up.



Needling is demonstrated in the above image, however, needles are only used when the person being treated is in agreement. We are able to offer a NO Needle option which in my experience I have found to be equally as effective as needling.  

Korean scientist/philosopher Professor Park, Jae Woo's legacy to the world is this simple method of pain relief and healing. 

A  Su Jok DVD is now available which shows easy to follow, simple techniques for anyone to use in the comfort of their home to relieve back, neck and joint problems. Further information is available on the Su Jok Homecare DVD page and the Su Jok Homecare DVD can be ordered through Amazon UK - paste link below:


Appointments are available most days and out of hours appointments can be arranged for commuters. The clinic is based in East Grinstead, which is a 15 minute drive from Jct.6 M25 and a 15 minute drive from Gatwick -  RH19 1JQ. In special circumstances home visits can be arranged.                        


For further information or to make an appointment please contact Marilyn 

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Additional information relating to Su Jok Acu Therapy can be found at 



If you would like to read specialist's and doctor's reports, which support the effectiveness of Su Jok therapy (backed up by MRI scanning and clinical trials), a clinical studies page is available on this website.