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Welcome to my website, I am Marilyn Benson practitioner and lecturer of Su Jok therapy, Aromatherapy and Reiki.







Get the fast results your clients pay for and expect -

4 courses to add a new dimension to your work ensuring  lasting success in treating your clients.

  •   Su Jok Reflex Therapy
  •   Su Jok Energy Flow Therapy
  •   Su Jok Meridian Colour Therapy
  •   Su Jok Universal Ki Therapy
  •   NEW - Distance Learning SKYPE  

The above workshops are compiled from Professor Park, Jae Woo’s discoveries which utilise the subtle energies within the hands and feet to treat the body naturally.

I was assigned by the late Professor Park, Jae Woo (the Korean scientist/philosopher who developed the Su Jok System) as official joint organiser of Su Jok courses in the UK.

Please note, my courses are the only UK approved and authorised Su Jok courses here in the UK (Embody CThA) and are fully insurable.

Introduction to Massage combining Basic Su Jok Therapy

I am introducing a new one day workshop that teaches introduction to back massage and combines basic Su Jok massage techniques (to the hands and feet). This workshop will allow you to help family and friends to gain fast pain relief from back, neck and joint problems.





Su Jok Therapy is an evolved method of acupuncture that is unique in that it is applied to the hands and feet only and NO NEEDLE treatment options are available to needle phobics. Su Jok Acu Therapy is safe for both adults and children. Children are treated using a specialised light device on the fingers, which is totally pain free. Information relating to Su Jok therapy treatments  can be found  here on this website SuJok Therapy Centre.

Testimonials and more in-depth information relating to Su Jok Therapy can be found at:

I have 25 years experience of teaching and practicing Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy, Indian Head and Hot Stone massage. Massage brings about deep relaxation which releases endorphines from the brain (the body's natural happy hormones) into the blood, bringing about deep relaxation and relief from the stresses and strains of everyday living. Essential oils used in Aromatherapy permeate the limbic system of the brain through the nasal passages and help to bring about wellbeing.

Reiki healing is a hands-on system of healing that treats mind, body and spirit. Reiki treatment  rebalances the subtle energies that flow throughout the body bringing about harmonisation for wellbeing.


Please take time out to view my presentation. The presentation introduces basic Su Jok, Su Jok Energy Flow and Su Jok 6 Ki, together with 2 case studies.

Books can be purchased through - paste link below


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