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Hot Stone Massage


A simple definition of 'geothermotherapy' is alternating temperatures with hot and cold stones. Using heated and cold stones throughout massage therapy brings about physiological and psychological responses within the body which results in a number of therapeutic benefits.


Although the stones have advantages that relate specifically to application of either heat or cold, the best results are achieved through using a yin and yang combination of opposites - hot and cold together.


Stone therapy works not only on the physical body but also embraces spiritual levels bringing about a relaxed state. When the mind aligns with the spirit through deep relaxation is when the body is able to heal itself.


·        Too much heat is unpleasant, too much cold is unpleasant – balanced temperature is balanced mind, body and spirit.


The benefits of thermal stone massage are shared by client and therapist. For the therapist the risk factor relating to repetitive strain injury is a lot less than for conventional massage, also the heavy work is eliminated as the stones do the work for you. Hot and cold temperatures from the stones are able to penetrate the body up to a depth of 4cm thereby alleviating energy expenditure, which subsequently allows you to work with more clients in a day without feeling the strain.