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I was first drawn towards Su Jok around 2002 but ‘ignored’ the call, and I have to say it was to my detriment. If I’d listened to my inner voice then I could have been further down the line practicing and promoting this awesome therapy sooner. I have studied many complementary therapies over the past 20 years but never have I felt so inspired by a therapy as I am through Su Jok.


My ‘journey’ began in June 2006 when I was generally discussing the courses I teach and where I thought I was headed, when out of my mouth came ‘I’m going to India in August’. I hadn’t thought about this before but my philosophy has always been ‘energy follows thought’ and the words I spoke set up a chain of events that took me on a journey I certainly hadn’t planned.


I left London to visit my daughter in Dubai to travel from there to Calcutta to commence my Su Jok training, however, fate intervened and changed my direction. Initially I saw this as 'disaster' but on reflection I believe without doubt I was being guided to Jaipur to Ashok Kumar Kothari, an Indian Su Jok master, to receive the wisdom of his profound teaching.  Such is the wonder of the universe!!!

The traffic in Jaipur is abysmal and it’s nigh on impossible to get across town in the rush hour with the cars, bicycle rickshaws, scooters, motor bikes, tuk-tuks, camel drawn carts and elephants all vying for front position. Added to this pandemonium are the sacred cows who are allowed to amble where-so-ever they may choose, be it on road or pavement.

My first meeting with Ashok took place at my hotel and when I stepped out of the lift into the lobby, I knew immediately who he was. He emits an aura of light and love. We decided at our meeting that all our teaching sessions together would take place at my hotel, late afternoon/evening and I would also attend the ‘free’ clinic he runs from his home for practical experience.


The next evening Ashok arrived and the work began. To begin with I felt overwhelmed with the amount of information but slowly it began to sink in and after a few days finally enlightenment, it all started to make sense and I knew there would be no turning back for me. I’d waited a lifetime for this teaching and also for the master. I have always believed – when the student is ready the master appears and this prophecy certainly rang true for me.


Ashok’s clinic is a real eye-opener, as I’ve already mentioned it’s free for everybody, the only stipulation is that you make an appointment because it is very busy. The clinic takes over the whole of the ground floor of Ashok’s home, with the full approval and support of his genteel wife, and is open 6 days a week between 9.30a.m. and 12. Here Ashok always carries out the first consultation, then his team of helpers carry out the prescribed therapy.


I was able to converse with a number of Ashok’s clients and they all gave positive evidence of the treatments they had received.


Swati is a 20yr old student with excellent English, her father is an orthopaedic surgeon. She told me her problem started 18 months ago, as she tried to grip a pen to write; her index finger shot upwards into rigid spasm and she was unable to write. She was taken to a number of eminent doctors and the prognosis she received was that there was no permanent cure, she would have to have cortisone injections every 2 months, which she was opposed to. Swati had heard of Ashok’s clinic and decided she had nothing to lose, even though at this time she did not have her father’s approval. Ashok treated the correspondence areas relating to Swati’s brain, cervicals and forearm (incorporating the hand). He also tonified wind energy, wind being one of the 6 ki’s which is responsible for movement, also for muscles and joints. Wind relates to the liver meridian. Ashok started treating Swati on 21/7/06 and to date she has received 10 treatments. She is now able to write without any muscle spasm in her index finger and her writing speed has improved by 50%. Although Swati is very happy, Ashok is not, he wants her writing speed back up to 100% so at the session today he was reviewing her treatment to try to get back 100%.


Govind Ram is a middle-aged diabetic who has a large ulcer on his heel with underlying pus formation, which has been operated on twice over the past 2yrs. Govind has made 9 visits to Ashok’s clinic over 2 months and has had the three correspondence systems relating to the heel treated with seeds (for stimulation), acupuncture and colour. He told me his heel is 70% improved and there is no longer any pus or blood from the wound

Deepali Maheshwari is 10yrs old. For over a year she has had muscular problems which have resulted in difficulty in walking. Her mother brought her to the clinic for the first time 2 days ago. Correspondence areas to liver, gall bladder, brain and spinal cord were treated with colour, magnets and gentle moxa. Two of the 6 ki’s were also treated. Her mother stated she was already much improved.

These are just three cases, but there are many more.