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Su Jok Energy Flow Therapy
Meridians and Chakras


Following Professor Park, Jae Woo’s discovery of the many correspondence systems on the hands/feet, he deduced that as there was a complete representation of the body on the hands that corresponded to organs, tissues and limbs, it had to follow that a micro system of meridians and chakras representative of the traditional meridian and chakra systems would also be present. His findings led him to develop the Su Jok Energy Flow System.



On the first two fingers of both hands 12 pairs of Byol meridians are located that can be either tonified or sedated. This of course likens Energy Flow Therapy to Traditional Acupuncture in that it works in the same way, but here the similarity ends.



  • Various NO Needle options open the therapy up to needle phobics.
  • Relies on feedback from body. If reduction in symptoms is not experienced within a few minutes by client, applied treatment is incorrect but easily adjusted.
  • Applied to points on hands only, rendering treatments safe.
  • Can be simultaneously combined with Su Jok Reflex Therapy, or any other therapy, to achieve greater benefit.
  • Therapy usually continued at home between treatments with magnets.


Su Jok Energy Flow Therapy is easy to learn but this does not compromise the benefits of the treatment. Its effectiveness lies in the simplicity of Professor Park’s discovery.



A Byol Chakra system is also located on the hands. The Byol chakras can be treated through either tonification or sedation to rebalance the energy within the physical body, either alone or combined with meridians or Su Jok Reflex Therapy to bring about wellbeing.














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