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The Jok courses advertised on this website are approved by the Complementary Therapists Association affiliated with Embody, a leading organisation that promotes professional complementary health in the UK and EU countries. Students should be aware that only courses approved by a recognised  provider will be eligible for insurance purposes within the UK.

A Level III Anatomy & Physiology diploma or equivalent is required for enrolment onto Su Jok Reflex Therapy, Su Jok Meridian Flow Therapy, Su Jok 6 Ki Meridian & Chakra Colour Therapy and Su Jok Universal Ki Therapy courses. For students who do not meet this criteria, we are able to recommend an on-line study course in anatomy & physiology which can be studied alongside Su Jok courses. Another option is to commence with our Learn to Treat Yourself workshop which is available to everybody. Details relating to this workshop can be accessed through the Learn to Treat Yourself menu button.


Module 1  Su Jok Reflex Therapy - 2 days 4 - 5 March, 2017
    16 - 17 September
Module 2 Energy Flow Therapy - 2 days 29 - 30 April 2017
    22 - 23 July
Module 3 6 Ki Colour/Light Therapy - 3 days 28 - 30 July


Skype ON-LINE Distance Learning is available to overseas students for all modules. Please e mail Marilyn for further information.

*Students are advised that the concurrent study of Su Jok Reflex Therapy combined with Su Jok Meridian & Chakra Energy Flow Therapy is intensive but can be arranged for overseas students wishing to study Modules 1 and 2 over a 4 day period.

Course dates are NOT set in stone and other dates between advertised course dates may also be available at certain times of the year - please e mail me or telephone for 2018 dates.


Su Jok Reflex Therapy - Module 1 includes: 

  • Introduction to Triorigin philosophy
  • Application of basic Triorigin treatment
  • Meaning of Su Jok therapy/Onnuri Medicine
  • 3 Main Su Jok Correspondence Systems in hands and feet:
    • Standard Correspondence System
    • Insect System
    • Mini System
  • Secondary and Partial Correspondence Systems
  • Basic Energy Treatment and use of moxa
  • Contra Indications / Contra Actions
  • Health & Safety aspects

Basic Methods of Treatment include:

  •       Diagnostic probes
  •       Byol Magnets
  •       Massage rings
  •       Electro device stimulation
  •       Colour
  •       Heat Treatment through mini moxas
  •       Needling – Utilizing specialised Su Jok 'micro' needles        
  •       Light Pulse Stimulation

Although basic needling to hands/feet is an option, it is not a compulsory treatment method and other protocols demonstrated are equally as effective.

 Level I (Cycle 2) Energy Flow Therapy includes:

  •       Tonification and Sedation of Byol Meridians
  •       Tonification and Sedation of Byol Chakras
  •       Introduction to 6Ki
  •       Basic treatment of 6 Ki
  •     Emotional Disturbances 

For in-depth information relating to Byol Meridians, Chakras, etc. please go to Energy Flow Therapy page.        

The fee for each module is £250

When Su Jok Modules I and 2 are studied together

the total inclusive cost is £450 – saving £50!!


To secure a place on courses a £100 deposit is required. Please note, deposits are non-refundable unless due to genuine unforeseen circumstances and are at the discretion of the course organiser.