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Su Jok Reflex Therapy


Su Jok Reflex Therapy is based on the principle that the hands and feet are blueprints of the body that contain not one but many correspondence systems (areas on the hands/feet that link directly to a corresponding limb, organ or tissue). It is a unique and evolved system of natural health that simplifies complicated eastern therapies, but does not denigrate the effects of the treatment.

When there is a malfunction within the body, for example liver disease, electro magnetic waves build up around the liver causing  imbalance of the hepatic system which results in disease/disorder. In order for healing to take place, the body’s innate energy system has to be rectified through stimulation of one or more of the correspondence systems on the hands or feet. In effect this means that we are using the hands as remote controls to change energy frequencies within the body.

Su Jok Reflex Therapy does not rely on just one method of treatment. It is recognised that every person we treat is an individual and the treatment is therefore tailored to individual need and can include combinations of the following modalities


  •              Massage
  •              Essential oils
  •              Magnets
  •              Colour
  •              Light
  •              Seeds (external application)
  •              Mini Moxa
  •              Electro device
  •              Needling with fine micro needles (hands only)


N.B. Needle phobics please note, needle application is a non-essential.

Correct stimulation is quickly ascertained through the client’s body language. Thus, treatment does not rely soley on the therapist’s knowledge but more on feedback from the body’s reflex reaction, which is a far more reliable source.

Su Jok's uniqueness is in that it works extremely fast often giving instant relief, particularly when the condition is acute. Chronic conditions can also be treated effectively. Su Jok can be administered as a stand-alone therapy or combined with any other discipline.

Practitioners of  other therapies will find that combining Su Jok with their existing therapy will add a new dimension to the treatment, bringing about fast results that are often not possible with other techniques. Traditional acupuncturists, osteopaths, kinesiologists, reflexologists, Bowen therapists, Shiatsu therapists, massage therapists etc. etc. have added Su Jok to their profile and amplified their success rates.